Belgo-Iberian Maritime, created in 1966, is a Shipping Agent who specialises in breakbulk like steel, heavy lift and project cargoes. For all Belgian ports we can assist your vessels with Port Husbandry services on a 24 hours basis. We also provide you with Cargo Superintendents to assist you in loading or discharging heavy equipment, project cargoes or mixed steel products.


'Consider it done'
Belgo-Iberian Maritime and Clipper Steel have been long and esteemed partners in this success story.

Belgo-Iberian Maritime acts as general booking agent in Europe. Clipper Steel Services is part of the Clipper Group, with headquarters in Copenhagen, and operates about 140 vessels.

The liner trade of Clipper Steel Services entails two regular lines. One to the US East Coast (USEC), the other to the US Gulf and Mexico. On average, we have minimum three sailings from Northwestern Europe to the North American continent per month.

The liner vessels on the US East Coast leg connect the European continent with the USEC. The liner vessels on the US Gulf Coast leg sail between the European continent and the US Gulf/ Mexico.

For both liner services, the main loading port remains Antwerp, where we act as general booking agent and as forwarder to the line.

We provide sea transport for mainly all sorts of steel products such as beams, sheet pilings and ultimately sensitive cargo such as coils and skidded coils for the automotive industry.

We work in close cooperation with the local stevedores, adjusting to the ever increasing needs of a competitive steel market through quality and operational meetings.

Clipper Steel continues to expand its steel parcel or liner services worldwide. Belgo-Iberian Maritime therefore can assist you with your steel enquiries worldwide.

Port Agency

BIM provides first rate port agency services to Owners and to Charterers, as well as flexible and dedicated support as husbandry agents.

Owning its presence in the port of Antwerp as an independent agent for many years, BIM is enjoying first-class relationships with port authorities, customs and immigration services as well as other port operators, the various stevedoring companies and suppliers.

BIM port agency meets owners' and charterers' demands with around the clock availability, personal approach and dedicated, tailored service.

It has been awarded with the FONASBA quality label and is a member of the Antwerp Shipping Federation.

We serve all Belgian ports: Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Ostend and can also assist in offshore crew changes and supplies. Comprehensive disbursements, cost control and competitive rates, hands on operations and flexible solutions are an essential part of the BIM package.

Our local expertise is the key to your successful portcall.

Supercargo and Survey

BIM offers a team of highly skilled and experienced supercargoes with a proven track record of vessel operations, engineering and operating in complex environments, specialized in heavy lift and steel cargoes.

Our team of experts, captains and engineers can assist you throughout the complete process of engineering, planning of loading operations and the loading (or discharging) of your cargoes itself, either in the port of Antwerp or in any other port worldwide.

We turn your technical challenges and critical operations into a rewarding success.

We assist vessel operators, cargo owners and forwarders worldwide with:

Preparing method statements (MOS)

Creating stowage plans and organizing the stevedoring

Inspecting cargo and executing pre-loading surveys

Communicating directly with local port authorities, stevedoring companies and agents

Supervising loading and discharging operations

Providing a straightforward and reliable communication with the customer throughout the operations.


Over the years, Belgo-Iberian Maritime has successfully developed its supply chain services. Although traditionally our company was only involved in line forwarding activities, the past two decades have seen the birth of an independent division within the company.

Our forwarding activities include:

Ocean shipments in break bulk or container

Road/rail/barge transport in Europe & Africa

Stuffing & stripping of containers

Customs documentation


Whether it is an 180-ton unit, a United Nations contingent or standard steel plates in break bulk, we have the knowledge to provide a tailor-made service. We have the capacities and experience to handle and follow up on assignments that just need that little extra touch.

Liner - Project & Chartering

For more than 30 years, the liner-project and chartering department of BIM has been very active as liner-booking agents and shipbrokers.

With our wide network, we have access to various shipping lines to exploit all types of modern ships (roro/mpp/semi-submersible/heavylifters/ etc.) to suit customers' needs and demands.

Shipping project and heavy lift cargo belongs to one of the most complicated and complex areas of ocean transport. With our market know-how, local expertise and vast experience in projects, we offer shippers, forwarders and cargo owners a reliable and tailor-made service in this versatile field of shipping.

BIM benefits from decades of experience and good relations with clients, the port of Antwerp and the various terminals.

Our team has knowledge and expertise in a wide range of commodities:


General cargoes

Heavy machinery

Humanitarian aid cargoes (UN)

Engineering construction procurements

Imo class 1/dangerous cargoes


Belgo-Iberian Maritime was founded by the Spanish Ship Owner Trafume and the Antwerp Shipping Agent Mr. Robert Henriksen in 1966, with the purpose of purchasing a Belgian flagged ship and taking her into service on the trade from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean.

The m/s "MARIA" of shipping company HERMANS was renamed m/s "SINJOOR" and sailed 10 years on this particular trade; in 1975 she was sold to the Dutch shipping company Vroon located in Breskens. In the mean time, Belgo-Iberian Maritime developed a liner service between Antwerp and North Africa under the name Belgo Mahreb Line.

Belgo-Iberian Maritime became also agent for UMM, a Moroccan ship owner and subsequently developed a car-roro service from Antwerp to Lebanon, first with Messina and later with UECC.

As from 1993, Mr. John Oyen joined Belgo-Iberian Maritime and started a liner service with Clipper from Antwerp to the USA with steel commodities.

The focus on the majority of breakbulk cargoes evolved over the years into breakbulk, project and heavy lift cargoes, moreover ships underwent structural changes in order to deal with the specifications of such cargoes.

Over the years, Belgo-Iberian Maritime successfully positioned itself through its independency at the very heart of the shipping business, servicing a variety of shipping companies, located all over the world.

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